I have been managing web projects for over seven years and hold a special interest in analytics and conversion optimization. I recently moved back home to the midwest and am leading website development projects with the talented team at Mighty in the Midwest. Prior to this role, I worked as a hybrid account/project manager in both social media and web development agencies, including managing a small web studio for four years.

I believe strong project management is an invaluable role on web projects. When done effectively, teams are freed up to focus on their craft while clients have the benefit of an advocate to champion their goals. I love the opportunity that project management affords me to communicate, organize, devise strategy and, most of all, help people. Besides, I seriously cannot sit alone at a desk for an entire day and unclear communication makes me break out in a cold sweat.

Outside of Work

When not corralling project teams, I have a busy household with two toddlers and a Siberian Husky. In my sparse free time, I enjoy spending time in the gorgeous Michigan outdoors and reading Quora too much. For those that like personality typing, I’m an ENFP, Helper and apparently Teddy the Bounty Hunter.